Welcome to America Rising Corporation

Welcome to America Rising Corporation

July 1, 2017

By: Joe Pounder

In 2013, we formed America Rising with a promise that we would build a unique organization to defeat Democrat candidates by focusing on opposition research, candidate video tracking, and earned media communications. We said that America Rising would be a relentless operation that lived and breathed its races alongside its clients, whom we consider partners. We declared that we would take on Hillary Clinton and get results.

Nearly four years and two election cycles later, America Rising has worked with over 100 different GOP conservative organizations and candidates to defeat Hillary Clinton and win races up and down the ballot all across the country. Our researchers and trackers have been deployed from New Hampshire to Alaska in pursuit of deeper, more original hits against our opponents. In the process, the America Rising brand has become associated with facts and narratives that can change the direction of a race. Millions of Americans are reading America Rising’s work in the headlines or seeing it in our clients’ effective paid media campaigns.

We are extremely proud of what America Rising accomplished since 2013, but our work is far from finished. We continue to launch new initiatives and products, like the America Rising Console, which will greatly enhance the work we can do for our partners. The outcome of an election can be changed by one piece of information. We will constantly strive to improve our operations in order to find those “silver bullets.”

We hope this blog provides you with insight into America Rising’s efforts to defeat Democrats, a mission we work towards every day on behalf of our clients and partners.