The America Rising Console

The Console is your personalized interface populated with America Rising’s curated and produced content. Our unique platform has been designed as a powerful and intuitive tool that effectively melds cutting-edge technology with human analysis. Our staff are constantly updating the Console to keep you and your team up-to-date with the latest political and news developments. As the election cycle progresses, the Console will become your own search engine for media monitoring alerts and content that does not delete after 30 days.



Centralized Hub of Information

Clients have instant access to all America Rising has to offer through the Console. Acting as a centralized hub for critical news and information, the Console houses news alerts, rapid response briefs, tracking reports, and event livestreams – all of which can be filtered and sorted by date, content type, and subject matter. This content can include not only new materials produced this election cycle, but instant access to all alerts produced in past election cycles.

Powerful Search Tool

Featuring a powerful search tool, the Console allows you to quickly sort through large volumes of content to find exactly what you need. Clients can easily use our search tool to conduct research, identify reporting trends, and find old news reports.

Email Alerts

The Console acts as an independent database without the clutter or limitations of mail platforms. Traditional email alerts can be customized to fit your needs, keeping you informed without overwhelming your workflow.