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War Room

War Room Monitoring

America Rising’s campaign-style war room monitors print media, local and national television, radio, social media, and event livestreams to bring you real-time news developments on campaigns, politicians, and issues to watch. Operating 7 days a week, our war room team analyze, curate, and distribute news alerts via the America Rising Console. An independent and fully customizable database, the Console is your own powerful search engine with content that does not delete after 30 days.


Tracking Services

A powerful campaign tool, America Rising’s trackers are your eyes and ears on the ground. The amount of video content gathered by our trackers is unmatched in the industry. All of the video is evaluated by our research analysts with expertise in that candidate’s record and catalogued in a text-searchable database where archived footage can be quickly accessed. Trackers also use state of the art equipment that allows our clients to watch live events from the field via the America Rising Console.

Rapid Response &
Research Support

Rapid Response & Research Support

Rapid response alerts are designed to ensure you and your team have access to our research as quickly as possible during critical political moments. Our research analysts, with expertise in your target, compile rapid response alerts using real time information and research garnered throughout the cycle so you can take advantage of day-to-day opportunities in the moment. In addition, our research analysts can provide ongoing research support for your campaign to tackle unexpected developments or get ahead of the news cycle.

Research Books

Opposition Research Books

America Rising offers a comprehensive research support program unparalleled within the industry. Our research analysts comb through public records, online reporting, research obtained from the field, and video coverage to build a rigorous book that thoroughly examines your target’s record. America Rising also operates a comprehensive FOIA and field research program that annually obtains tens of thousands of records about Democrats from federal, state, and local government agencies. This research will provide you and your team with a full understanding of your target’s financial, political and legal vulnerabilities.


Self Vetting

America Rising can use the same thorough research methodologies to assess the vulnerabilities of candidates seeking office. Best undertaken at the beginning of the cycle, America Rising’s self-vetting reports can help you get ahead of potential attacks against your candidate.


AR Images

America Rising trackers have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with their targets, providing AR Images with one-of-a-kind photos that can be utilized without running into any copyright or usage rights issues. An affordable alternative, you can view and purchase these images here:

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