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War Room


AR’s state of the art media monitoring operation puts real-time actionable intelligence in our client’s inboxes 7 days a week. We watch and curate content from print media, local and national television, radio, social media, podcasts, and live-streamed events to provide clients a comprehensive understanding of what is being said by candidates, about candidates, and about issues impacting their campaigns. All news notifications can be delivered directly via email to a client’s entire team and are also available within the America Rising Console, an alerts archive with powerful search capabilities.



One of the most valuable tools in politics is an unfiltered look at what a candidate is saying on the campaign trail. Our team produces a calendar of upcoming in-person and virtual events and implements strategies to acquire both video content and still images that can be used in earned media, television ads, digital ads, and direct mail. All video is analyzed by researchers with expertise in that candidate’s record and catalogued into a database where footage can be retrieved and deployed quickly. Still images produced from video tracking are available for sale at

Rapid Response &
Research Support


Our team produces comprehensive research reports that provide our clients with ready-made content for use in message testing, digital strategies, earned media, and traditional paid media. Our reports provide a full spectrum understanding of a candidate’s background utilizing legal documents, personal financial disclosures, business records, news accounts, other open source or subscription-based datasets, as well as proprietary information. Each report undergoes a multi-stage creative and quality control process to cultivate the narratives, and reveal the vulnerabilities, that form the building blocks of effective communications strategies. This process can be applied to opposition candidates, to vet a candidate, or to produce positive content for a candidate.

Research Books


No research report can be considered complete relying exclusively on online content.  AR has the ability to quickly pull primary documents from libraries, court houses, governmental agencies, and other record keepers across the country; and has an in-house attorney who specializes in Freedom of Information Act and state-specific public records requests.  This information brings original source material to unreported or underreported narratives.



Our team can fully integrate into a client’s day-to-day operations to provide ongoing support to the campaign team. America Rising can vet surrogates and staff, fact-check advertisements, collaborate on polling and focus group questions, and develop contextualized research to address emerging opportunities. Our team can participate in conference calls, work directly with digital and media firms to prevent costly post-production edits, and provide emergency scale in crisis situations.