Politico: Inside America Rising’s War Room

Politico: Inside America Rising’s War Room

July 23, 2018

By: Rachael Parry, War Room Director

America Rising is once again leading the charge to hold Democratic presidential contenders accountable. We’ve begun monitoring, digging and amassing research books on over a dozen potential 2020 Democratic nominees.

Politico profiled the new 2020 Initiative by America Rising PAC:

“America Rising PAC, which at the time of its founding five years ago focused exclusively on researching, tracking and deploying rapid-response against Hillary Clinton, is well into a beneath-the-radar effort to define — and ultimately derail — the Democrats preparing to take on President Donald Trump in 2020.”

America Rising has continued to grow and innovate to cement our prominence as the opposition research outfit for the Republican Party:

“Inside the group’s war room — which it staffs seven days a week — a group of 20- and 30-something men were seated at desks, staring at a bank of televisions tuned to C-SPAN and cable news, and uploading clips to a shared, searchable console.

The platform is designed to provide instant access to all of the war room alerts, including print, social media, TV, radio, tracking reports, event livestreams and video transcripts, an aide explained. All of the content can quickly be filtered and sorted by date, type and subject matter, given the large volumes.”

The War Room is an integral and core part of the America Rising model. Our team is watching and listening 24/7. Scouring print media, local and national television, social media and event livestreams, War Room analysts are constantly curating and distributing real-time news developments on campaigns, politicians, and issues to watch via the America Rising Console. Our unique platform centralizes all America Rising offerings so our clients can stay up-to-date and access critical information as campaign season heats up.