Five Questions to Ask About Research and Rapid Response

Five Questions to Ask About Research and Rapid Response

January 11, 2018

By: America Rising Staff

Candidate Research Books

Question: How are you going to identify your opponent’s vulnerabilities to use in paid and earned media campaigns?

Answer: America Rising can provide your organization with comprehensive research support on your targeted opponent, starting with a research book that includes a comprehensive examination of each target’s public and video record. America Rising operates a public records program that annually obtains tens of thousands of records about Democrats from federal, state, and local government agencies. This research will provide your organization with a full understanding of the individual’s financial, political, and legal vulnerabilities, following a full review of relevant documents, disclosures, and records.

Rapid Response & War Room Monitoring

Question: How will your organization stay on top of the 24/7 news cycle and be ready to respond quickly?

Answer: America Rising’s rapid response and war room monitoring support equips clients to act as soon as news breaks. Our rapid response effort includes constant print, online, and television media monitoring, rapid response alerts, and strategic guidance for clients to take advantage of day-to-day opportunities in the moment. America Rising uses a revolutionary online portal, the America Rising Console, to help clients make real time decisions about their political and issue-based campaign efforts.

Video Tracking

Question: How will you effectively obtain and search video content of your opponent?

Answer: America Rising’s trackers are your eyes and ears on the ground, increasing your situational awareness and providing you with the content you need to push back. America Rising trackers have travelled more than 1,200,000 miles to attend more than 14,000 events in the past two election cycles and heading into the 2018 midterms. The amount of video content and trackers on the ground is unmatched in the field. All of the video is evaluated by research analysts with expertise in that candidate’s record and catalogued in a text-searchable database where archived footage can be quickly accessed.

Political Consulting

Question: How will you deploy information about your opponent to shape your narrative?

Answer: America Rising’s leadership team has extensive experience in all aspects of political campaigning and public relations. Our battle-tested experience, and skill, will help you harness the wealth of information tracked and obtained to assist your campaign on the nation, state, or local level.

Self Vetting

Question: How will you assess your campaign’s potential vulnerabilities and navigate preparation of messaging strategies?

Answer: America Rising can use similar research methodologies to assess the vulnerabilities of Republicans seeking elected office or appointed positions. This process allows our clients to get ahead of potential attacks and work with our team to prepare in advance at all levels of government.