Celebrating 5 Years of America Rising

Celebrating 5 Years of America Rising

March 21, 2018

By: Joe Pounder

Today, March 21, marks the five-year anniversary of America Rising and it’s been an incredible ride. Five years ago, we knew that if we started an organization focused on doing excellent opposition research, war room media monitoring, rapid response earned media, and full-time candidate video tracking, we could make a profound difference for the groups we work with. Today, our original team of six has grown to nearly 70 and we have brought our skills to bear for well over 150 different GOP and conservative groups. We’ve done Senate, House, gubernatorial, downballot, and state legislative races all across the country. We spent four years researching the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee in 2016 and during the process, we helped almost every GOP group involved in the election.

Infographic - Five Years of America Rising

More importantly, we have never stopped innovating on behalf of our clients. Our core system of opposition research, war room media monitoring, earned media communications, and video tracking has always stayed the same. However, we’ve continually improved this system so we could go deeper than any other firm at very affordable rates. We’ve video tracked over 15,500 events and this cycle, our trackers can livestream now to our clients. We’ve sent more than 4,400 FOIAs at all levels of government and 40% of that total was in 2017 alone. We’ve done field research in almost every state in America and internationally as well. We’ve innovated the war room media monitoring system for the first time in over a decade with the introduction of the AR Console.

Quite frankly, the products that America Rising provides our clients are unmatched because of the information we have trained professionals digging for, the tracking footage only we have access to, and the analysis that forms the basis for the paid media, earned media, and digital campaigns of the future.