America Rising’s Impact in North Carolina

America Rising Corp. is responsible for contributing to the defeats of Democratic candidates around the country through opposition research, tracking, and rapid response. Our work hasn’t just made headlines at the top of the ballot; we’ve produced research for hundreds of races at the state and local level.

Regardless of whether city hall, the state capital, or Congress is your goal, we apply the same level of scrutiny that is scalable to your needs when it comes to a thorough review of news reports, business records, legal documents, and personal financial disclosures.

America Rising Corp. has extensive experience in North Carolina. In the 2014 and 2016 cycles, America Rising Corp. was on the ground in North Carolina going after Kay Hagan and Deborah Ross with our tracking, research, and war room teams. Our trackers caught Kay Hagan dodging questions and disrupted her campaign by getting under her skin. Moreover, America Rising’s research efforts for its clients exposed Deborah Ross’s radical record as a lobbyist for the ACLU, including Ross’s opposition to North Carolina’s sex offender registry.

In North Carolina – and in countless races around the country – America Rising worked with Republican campaigns and conservative groups to develop the most compelling narratives to defeat Democratic candidates.

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