America Rising Corp. Upgrades High-Powered News Database

America Rising Corp. Upgrades High-Powered News Database

May 11, 2020

By: Christian Martinez, War Room Director; Matthew Agvent, Deputy War Room Director

After several months of development and rigorous testing, America Rising Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the America Rising Console 2.0. The America Rising Console 2.0 goes beyond the latest headlines, research, and rapid response alerts. Console 2.0 features an updated layout designed to make navigation quicker and easier for the end user while maintaining similar functions to the original Console.

America Rising Console 2.0’s new features including improved searchability across the Console, a database of over 15,000 journalists and publications, and analytics. All these features are designed to create a more powerful and seamless experience for users. We have highlighted several of these new features that will be the most helpful to our users.

Increased Searchability

The America Rising Console 2.0 includes a significantly more powerful search function than the original Console. Users have the ability to differentiate searches for specific articles by title or to search for key phrases or terms within the body of an article. We have also created a database of over 15,000 journalists and publications, which allows users to search for alerts by specific journalists or outlets. Users will also be able to specific date ranges, categories, alert types, and headlines!

Improved Layout and Analytics

The creation of a database for journalists and publishers allows Console 2.0 to provide users with data such as the number of articles written by specific journalists or published by specific authors from our specific alerts.

On the Dashboard page of Console 2.0, users are shown the top publishers and top journalists by number of articles alerted. Users can use this function for any category they are subscribed to. The Console 2.0 Dashboard also includes a graphic representation of this data and allows users to pick select which data is represented between total alerts, journalists, and publications.

The America Rising Console 2.0 features an analysis tab allows users to see information such as the categories the alert is assigned to; analysis from the alert, which notes specific sections from the alert that could be crucial to your decision making and related posts to corresponding categories.

In addition we have incorporated the journalists’ and publications’ Twitter API that we are covering, allowing users to see journalists and publications live Twitter feeds, a brief bio of each journalist, information about each publication, and other recent articles by both the publisher and journalist.

We hope you will take a moment to log into the America Rising Console today and experience the difference. Search your personalized database which is updated in real time and powered by our expert research and war room staff and explore our brand new features as we try to make your email alerts a thing of the past.