AR Digital War Room: The Daily Digest

AR Digital War Room: The Daily Digest

May 17, 2019

By: Christian Martinez, War Room Director

The America Rising war room continues to grow and innovate digitally in our charge to hold Democrats accountable. We are introducing the War Room Daily Digest to summarize all the news and events that are driving the day to help you keep up with today’s fast-paced news cycle on the AR Console. The War Room Daily digest tailors the “can’t miss” alerts of the day for you.

Here’s what War Room subscribers can expect delivered daily:

Top Read Stories

The most read stories alerted from the War Room.

Top TV Alert

The most impactful TV appearance on cable or local television.

Event of The Day

The key event that is driving the day. Our team is watching and listening 24/7 to event livestreams and constantly analyzing in real-time opportunities to hold Democrats accountable.

Google Search Trends

A chart that illustrates how frequently a 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate is entered into Google’s search engine.

Stats of The Day

The number of print media, local and national television, social media, tracking reports and event livestreams, analysts are constantly monitoring on campaigns, politicians, and issues.